Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding

College of Agriculture

Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture & Technology
Pantnagar-263145, Uttarakhand

The Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding was established in 1966 with the aim to impart teaching, research and extension in plant breeding. The department has played a pivotal role in ushering the Green Revolution in India by developing landmark varieties in wheat, rice, maize, pulses, oilseeds, forage, sugarcane and other crops. Till the year 2014-15, about 200 varieties have been developed and commercially released in various crops. One of the most outstanding impacts of the breeding programme has been the massive seed production of various crops and “Pantnagar Seeds” is the most popular brand among the farmers of the country.


The Department has well-knit under graduate (U.G.) and post graduate (P.G.) programmes with updated and modern course curricula as per the ICAR guidelines. A broad range of carefully designed courses complimented by lectures in other departments appropriately address the academic needs of the students. The Department has excellent facilities for teaching various courses in Genetics & Plant Breeding, Biotechnology and Seed Technology as required for undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes. Excellent facilities for the thesis and research to students are available in the major crops. There are 12 well-equipped laboratories in the department for teaching and research work. Currently in addition to 13 All India Coordinated Research Projects (ACRIP) on different crops funded by ICAR, and more than 20 ad-hoc projects funded by different funding agencies viz., DBT, DST, ICAR, NBPGR, DAC/PPV&FRA, CGIAR, NOVOD, etc are under implementation. The Department has organized three Winter/Summer and short Schools for the teaching/research staff with the financial support of ICAR during 2012 to 2014.




To impart quality education in Genetics & Plant Breeding to UG and PG students, and to develop high yielding biotic, abiotic stress resistance, climate resilient and high quality possessing varieties of different crop plants with the integration of classical and molecular breeding, and preservation and protection of germplasm.






  • To run postgraduate programme (M. Sc. Ag. and Ph.D.) in the field of Genetics & Plant Breeding, and Seed Technology.

  • To contribute actively in the under graduate programme (B. Sc. Ag) of the college.




  • To develop high yielding biotic (disease and pest) and abiotic (heat and drought) stress resistance/tolerance, and high product value having varieties of cereals, oilseeds, pulses, millets, forage and sugarcane crops with the integration of classical and molecular breeding approaches.

  • To evaluate, catalogue, preserve and protect the germplasm of different crop plants.

  • To conduct high quality research with the integration of cutting edge technologies like genomics and bioinformatics.




  • To demonstrate the impact of “Improved Technologies” over Farmer’s Practices through organizing “Front Line Demonstrations” in all the crops to popularize the new and improved crop varieties.

  • To organize the “Awareness-cum-Training Programme” for farmers in the field of Seed Production, Plant Variety Protection and Intellectual Property Rights.