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Department of Biochemistry

Dr. Ashok Kumar Verma

DESIGNATION:Junior Research Officer
SPECIALISATION:Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
EMAIL:akv72[at]rediffmail[dot]com, akv72[at]yahoo[dot]com
CONTACT NO.:09412981859 (M), 05944-233310 (O)

Research areas/Areas of interest

  • Liquid Bio Fuel

  • Research Projects

    1. AICRP on Energy for Agriculture and Agro-based Industries
    • Project 1. Esterification of bio-oil derived from sugarcane crop residue.
    • Project 2. Extraction of phenolic compounds from bio-oil for industrial application.

    Selected Research Publications

    1. Chand, K., Pant, M., Verma, A. K., & Shahi, N. C. (2017). Optimization of enzymatic saccharification for quality bio-oil from rice straw. IJCS, 5(1), 233-239.(NAAS Rating: 5.31)(Impact Factor: GIF: 0.565, RJIF: 4.86)

    2. Agrawal, R., Satlewal, A.,and Verma, A. K. (2017). Utilization of Citrus sinensis waste for the production of β-glucosidase by solid-state fermentation using a Bacillus subtilis mutant. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal. July 2017, Vol.16, No. 7, 1465-1471 (Impact Factor: 0.806).

    3. Sandip Mandal, T. K. Bhattacharya, A. K. Verma, JumaHaydary (2017) Optimization of process parameters for bio-oil synthesis from pine needles (Pinusroxburghii) using response surface methodology. (Impact Factor 1.258)

    4. ANAND KUMAR, KHAN CHAND, N C SHAHI, ANIL KUMAR and A K VERMA (2017) Optimization of coating materials on jaggery for augmentation of storage quality.Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 87(10): 1391–7

    5. Agrawal, R., Verma, A. K.,&Satlewal, A. (2016). Application of nanoparticle-immobilized thermostable β-glucosidase for improving the sugarcane juice properties. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 33, 472-482..(Impact Factor:3.273) (NAAS 9.0)

    6. Chamoli, S., Kumar, P., Navani, N. K., & Verma, A. K. (2016). Secretory expression, characterization and docking study of glucose-tolerant β-glucosidase from B. subtilis. International journal of biological macromolecules, 85, 425-433.(Impact Factor: 3.096) (NAAS 9.14)

    Other Information

    1. SUMMER RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME 2011 (SRFP 2010) (8 weeks) sponsored by INDIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, Bangalore, INDIAN NATIONAL SCIENCE ACADEMY, New Delhi, THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, INDIA, Allahabad worked under Dr. Anil Grover, Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University Of Delhi, South Campus from 30th May 2011-24 July 2011.
    2. UGC- Research Award 2013-14
    3. Governor award for Best research paper publication 2016

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