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Department of Microbiology

Dr. Anita Sharma

SPECIALISATION:Pesticide Biodegradation, Nutrient Management, Bioinocula
CONTACT NO.:9456553256

Research Projects

  • Metagenomic approach to assess the impact of some common agri-usable nanoparticles on soil health in agricultural practices”. (2016- contd.) UCB, Uttarakhand

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Govind Kumar, Kavita Arya, Amit Verma, Pankaj, Priyanka Khati, Saurabh Gangola, Rajesh Kumar, Anita Sharma and Hukum Singh (2017). Bioremediation of Petrol Engine Oil Polluted Soil Using Microbial Consortium and Wheat Crop. Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology.Vol.11(3), 1583-1588, (NAAS 5)

    2. Sachin Kumar Vaid, Arun kumar, Anita Sharma, P.C. Srivastava and A.K. Shukla (2017) Role of some plant growth promotory bacteria on enhanced Fe uptake of wheat Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis vol. 48 (7) 756-768.

    3. Priyanka Khati, Anita Sharma1, Saurabh Gangola1, Rajeew Kumar2, Pankaj3, Govind Kumar. (2017). Impact of some agriusable nanocompounds on soil microbial activity: an indicator of soil health. Clean Soil Air Water.

    4. Priyanka Khati, Parul, Saurabh Gangola, Pankaj, Anita Sharma. (2017). Nanochitosan induced growth of Zea Mays with soil health maintenance. 3 Biotech. 7: 81.

    5. Pankaj, Anita Sharma, Priyanka Khati, Govind Kumar, Saurabh Gangola, Anjana Srivastava (2016) : Novel Pathway of Cypermethrin Biodegradation In a Bacillus sp. Strain SG2 Isolated From Cypermethrin Contaminated Agriculture Field. 3 Biotech. 6(45). DOI 10.1007/s13205-016-0372-3.

    PG Students Guided

    Student Name ID. No. Year of Admission Advisor Name Thesis Title
    Ms. Swati Kumari 49543 2015-2017 Dr. Anita Sharma Effect of two nanocompounds on Fenugreek vigour and soil health under the influence of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria
    Ms. Ankita Bhatt 49357 2015-2017 Dr. Anita Sharma Biodegradation of carbendazim and oxyfluorfen by autochthonous bacterial cultures.
    Mr. Ashish Kumar 51205 2016 Dr. Anita Sharma Not decided
    Ms. Priyanka Khati 40821 2013 Dr. Anita Sharma Impact Assessment of Nanozeolite and Nanochitosan on Plant-Soil-Microbe interaction using conventional and molecular methods.
    Mr. Saurabh Gangola 44260 2014 Dr. Anita Sharma Biodegradation of Pesticides used in agriculture fields.
    Ms. Parul 49455 2015 Dr. Anita Sharma Study on soil health and cropping systems under the influence of three nanocompounds.

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