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Department of Microbiology

Dr. Manvika Sahgal

DESIGNATION:Senior Research Officer
SPECIALISATION:Microbial Taxonomy, Development of Quarantine standards for fresh and processed foods
CONTACT NO.:9412451409

Selected Research Publications

  1. 11. Stuti Sah, Manvika Sahgal and Rajni Singh (2017) Concomitant ability of siderophore against iron paucity and Fusarium wilt in Lycopersicon esculentum. Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia 14(1): 319-328

  2. Neha Arya,, Anjul Rana, ,Asmita Rajwar, Manvika Sahgal and Anil Kumar Sharma (2016).Biocontrol efficacy of siderophore producing indigenous Pseudomonas strains against Fusarium wilt in Tomato. National Academy Science Letters SCLE-D-15-00269 Accepted 19 Jan 2016.

  3. Asmita Rajwar, Pragati Srivastava & Manvika Sahgal (2016) Microbiology of Fresh Produce: Route of Contamination, Detection Methods, and Remedy, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 56:14, 2383-2390, DOI: 10.1080/10408398.2013.841119.

  4. Kunwar, Shyam, Govind Kumar, Manvika Sahgal and Anupama Singh (2012). Ethanol production through Saccharomyces based fermentation using apple pomace amended with molasses. Sugar Tech. 14:304-311.

  5. Sharma, A., Pathak, A., Sahgal, M., Meyer, J-M., Wray, V. and Johri, B.N. (2007). Molecular characterization of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria that enhance peroxidase and phenyl alanine ammonia- lyse activities in chile (Capsicum annum L.) and tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum Mill. Arch. Microbiol, 188, 483-494.

M.Sc. and Ph.D. Students Under Supervision

Student Name ID. No. Year of Admission Advisor Name Thesis Title
Ms. Damini Maithani 49577 2015 - 2016 Dr. Manvika Sahgal Comparative phylogenetic analysis of chickpea nodulating Rhizobia from Central India and Terai region of Western Himalayas
Ms. Anamika 49672 2015 - 2016 Dr. Manvika Sahgal Isolation and characterization of Endophytic microbes from chrysanthemum plants showing wilting symptoms
Ms. Jyotsana Maura 50972 2016 - 2017 Dr. Manvika Sahgal TBD
Ms. Anjul 44076 2012 - 2013 Dr. Manvika Sahgal Biocontrol of Banded Leaf and Sheath Blight Disease in Zea mays L using Pseudomonas fluorescens Strain AS15 under Field conditions and its impact on bacterial community profile
Ms. Samiksha Joshi 35974 2014 - 2015 Dr. Manvika Sahgal Unculturable and culturable microbial diversity in rhizosphere of three different provenances of Dalbergia sissoo provenances
Ms Pragati Srivastava 42511 2015 - 2016 Dr. Manvika Sahgal Diversity and phylogeny of Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. nodulating rhizobia
Ms. Vandana --- 2016 - 2017 Dr. Manvika Sahgal TBD
Mr. Hemant Dasila 47018 2016 - 2017 Dr. Manvika Sahgal TBD

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