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Department of Horticulture

Dr. Bhagwan Das Bhuj

QUALIFICATION:Ph.D. (Horticulture)
SPECIALISATION:Floriculture & Landscaping
CONTACT NO.:9456552484

Research projects

  • Associated with AICRP on Floriculture

  • Research areas/ areas of interest

  • Floriculture & Landscaping

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Thakur, N.; Bhuj, B. D.; Sangma, D.; Srivastava, R. and Chand , S. 2017. Performance of gladiolus germplasm under Tarai region of Uttarakhand. Research in Environment and Life Sciences.10 (7): 652-654

    2. Thakur, N; Bhuj, B. D.; Srivastava R and Chand S.2016. Assessment of genetic variability and correlation in gladiolus germplasm. Progressive Hort. 48(1): 490-496.

    3. Thakur, N; Bhuj, B. D.; Srivastava R and Chand S.2016. Genetic divergence studies in gladiolus. Int. J. Basic and Applied Agrl.Res. 14 (3): 285-287

    4. Singh, D; Bhuj, B. D.; Srivastava R and Chand S.2015. Effect of Bioregulators on growth and flowering of gladiolus cv. Red Beauty under different growth conditions: Int. J. Basic and Applied Agrl.Res. 14 (2): 174-178.

    5. Tiwari, A.K.; Bhuj, B.D. and Mishra, S.K. 2010. Impact of certain chemicals on vaselife of different cultivars of aster and gladioli. Ind. J. Hort. 67(2) : 255-259.

    6. Bhuj, B.D. ; Srivastava, Ranjan and Singh, Ranvir. 2003. Effect of holding solution on post harvest life of gladiolus cv.Rose Supreme Pantnagar J. Res. 1(2): 43-45.

    Other Information

  • Developed Gladiolus variety “Shubhangini”

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