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Department of Horticulture

Dr. Rajesh Kumar

DESIGNATION:Assistant Professor
QUALIFICATION:Ph.D. (Horticulture)
SPECIALISATION:Tissue culture, Canopy management
CONTACT NO.:05944-233114 (O), 9415574127 (M)

Research projects

  • AICRP- Fruits
  • Seed Village Adoption Programme

  • Research areas/ areas of interest

  • Canopy management in fruit crops, nutritional management in fruit crops

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Satish, Chand, Amit Bhatt, Jitendra Chandra Chandola, Ranjan Srivastava, Kumar Rajesh and Vishal Nirgude. 2017. Effect of chemicals and cincturing on flowering, fruiting and yield of litchi cv. Rose Scented. International Journal of Chemical Studies. 5(6): 244-247

    2. Jitendra Kumar; Kumar Rajesh; Ratna Rai; Daya Shankar Mirshra, Saurabh Kumar Singh and Prashant Kisan Nimbolkar. 2017. Influence of foliar application of mineral nutrients at different growing stages of guava. Journal of Plant Nutrition. 40 (5):656-661

    3. Priyamvada Pandey, Kumar Rajesh, Daya Shankar Mishra, Anand Singh Jeena and Jitendra Kumar.2017. Morphological and molecular characterization of guava. International Journal of Chemical Studies. 5(4): 533-538

    4. Goswami, A. K.; Shant Lal; Madhubala Thakare; Pratibha; D. S. Mishra and Kumar Rajesh. 2014. Studies on integrated nutrient management on yield and quality of guava cv. Pant Prabhat. Indian J. Hort. 72(1):139-142

    5. Aradhana Singh, D. S. Mishra, Kumar Rajesh and Prabhat Kumar. 2013. Physico-chemical changes in litchi cultivar Rose Scented during fruit development and maturation. Indian J. Hort. 70(3): 328-332

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