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Department of Plant Pathology

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  • Dr. (Mrs. ) Karuna Vishunavat
  • Head, Department of Plant Pathology,
  • College of Agriculture

  • Contacts
  • Phone:05944-233076
  • Fax: 05944-233076
  • E-mail: hodpp[at]rediffmail[dot]com

About Us

G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology (the erstwhile U. P. Agriculture University) was established in 1960 and the Department of Plant Pathology was created & accredited by the ICAR in 1961. Department stupendously progressed under the able guidance of Drs. Y.L. Nene, first Head of the Department, and R.S. Singh. Department was further expanded by many dedicated faculty members who lead the department as recognized leader in the country.

In view of the outstanding contribution made in the area of teaching, research and extension by the department, ICAR upgraded the department in the year 1995 to the status of Centre of Advanced Studies in Plant Pathology and subsequently as Centre of Advanced Faculty Training (CAFT) in the year 2009-10. Major mandate of the CAFT is to train scientific faculty from all over the country in important and innovative areas of Plant Pathology. So far 34 trainings, with 703 participants from 25 states, have been conducted. The CAS was awarded a certificate of appreciation in commemoration of Golden Jubilee year of independence (1998) by the Education Division, ICAR on August 14, 1998 for organizing the excellent programmes for human resource development and developing useful instructional material.

Out of the 11 departments of the College of agriculture at the university, the department received an excellence award for the year 2016 for its contributions towards research, teaching and extension services rendered to the farmers.


Attain excellence in teaching and research in Plant Pathology and the services rendered to the farming community.


To enhance the competence of the faculty to undertake advanced education, research and extension activities in the field of Plant Pathology.
To update the curriculum and courses of Plant Pathology and to strengthen teaching at UG and PG level.
To impart trainings to the faculty members/scientists in Plant Pathology of various SAU’s and Research Institutes/Centers’ in the country.
To uplift the agricultural status of farmers of different districts of Uttarakhand state through “Help Line Service”.

Degree Offered (with seat breakup)

S.No. Degree No. of Seats Total
UA Domicile Other states
1. M.Sc. (Ag.) Plant Pathology 10 -- 10
2. Ph.D. Plant Pathology 04 04 08

Courses offered

Under Graduate

S.No. Course No. Course Name Credit
1. APP-312 Introductory Plant Pathology 3(2-0-1x3)
2. APP-314 Crop Diseases & their Management 2(1-0-1x3)
3. APP-330 Diseases of Fruits and Vegetable Crops 2(1-0-1x3)
4. APP/APE-322 Integrated Pest & Disease Management 2(1-0-1x3)
5. APP-381 Mushroom Cultivation 1(0-0-1x3)
6. APP-382 Biological Control of Plant Pathogens 2(0-0-2x2)

Post Graduate

S.No. Course No. Course Name Credit
1. APP-401 Introductory Plant Pathology 3(2-0-1)
2. APP-410 Diseases of Field Crops 3(2-0-1)
3. APP-430 Diseases of Horticultural Crops 3(2-0-1)
4. APP-507 Disease of Field and Medicinal Plants 3(2-0-1)
5. APP-508 Disease of Fruits, Plantation and Ornamental Crops 3(2-0-1)
6. APP-509 Disease of Vegetable and Spice Crops 3(2-0-1)
7. APP/ENT- 514 Insects Vector of Plant Viruses and other Pathogens 2(1-0-1)
8. APP-515 Biological Control of Plant Diseases 3(2-0-1)
9. APP-516 Integrated Disease Management 3(2-0-1)
10. APP-517 Mushroom Production Technology 3(2-0-1)
11. APP-519 Post Harvest Diseases 3(2-0-1)
12. APP/ENT-520 Plant Quarantine 2(2-0-0)
13. APP-600 Master’s Seminar 1
14. APP-601 Special Problem 1
15. APP-602 Plant Virology 3(2-0-1)
16. APP-603 Plant Bacteriology 3(2-0-1)
17. APP-604 Principles of Plant Pathology 3(3-0-0)
18. APP-605 Detection and Diagnosis of Plant Diseases 2(0-0-2)
19. APP-606 Principles of Plant Disease Management 3(2-0-1)
20. APP-607 Plant Biosecurity and Biosafety 2(2-0-0)
21. APP-611 Chemicals in Plant Disease Management 3(2-0-1)
22. APP-616 Advanced Plant Virology 3(2-0-1)
23. APP-617 Advanced Bacteriology 3(2-0-1)
24. APP-618 Principles and Procedures of Certification 1(1-0-0)
25. APP-622 Techniques in Phytonematology 1(0-0-1)
26. APP-624 Cultural & Chemical Control of Plant Parasitic Nematodes 2(1-0-1)
27. APP-630 Phytonematology 2(1-0-1)
28. APP-690 Master’s Thesis Research 20
29. APP-704 Molecular Basis of Host Pathogen Interaction 3(2-0-1)
30. APP-710 Seed Health Technology 3(2-0-1)
31. APP-712 Ecology of Soil-borne Plant Pathogens 3(2-0-1)
32. APP-713 Disease Resistance in Plants 2(2-0-0)
33. APP-718 Epidemiology and Forecasting of Plant Diseases 3(2-0-1)
34. APP-788 Doctoral Seminar I 1
35. APP-789 Doctoral Seminar II 1
36. APP-790 Ph.D. Thesis Research 45

Priority areas of research

  • Varietal screening for disease resistance in different crops
  • Eco-friendly approaches in plant disease management.
  • Biological control
  • Mushroom Research and Training
  • Seed Health Testing
  • Integrated Disease management
  • Population biology in plant pathogens
  • Biology and ecology of soil borne plant pathogens
  • Epidemiology and disease forecasting

  • Ongoing research project

    A. AICRP Projects

    S.No. Project Name PI/Co-PI/Associate Scientist
    1. All India Coordinated Research Project on Biological Control PI- Dr. A.K. Tewari
    Co-PI- Dr. Roopali Sharma
    Co-PI- Dr. Manju Sharma
    2. All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Project PI- Dr. Vishwanath
    Co-PI-Dr. B. Kumar
    3. All India Coordinated Research Project on Seed Technology Research (NSP) PI- Dr. K. Vishunavat
    Co-PI- Dr. Rashmi Tewari
    4. All India Coordinated Soybean Improvement Project PI- K.P. Singh
    5. All India Coordinated Maize Improvement Project PI- Dr. Pradeep Kumar
    Co-PI- Dr. R.P. Singh
    6. All India Coordinated Sugarcane Improvement Project PI- Dr. R.K. Sahu
    Assoc. Scientist- Dr. Geeta Sharma
    7. All India Coordinated Sorghum Improvement Project PI- Dr. Y. Singh
    8. All India Coordinated Potato Improvement Project PI- Dr. R.P. Singh
    9. All India Coordinator Research Project on Rapeseed & Mustard PI- Dr. A.K. Tewari
    Assoc. Scientist- Dr. Shilpi Rawat
    10. All India Coordinated Chickpea Improvement Project PI- Dr. K.P.S. Kushwaha
    Assoc. Scientist- Dr. L.B. Yadav
    11. All India Coordinated Pigeonpea Improvement Project PI- Dr. K.P.S. Kushwaha
    Assoc. Scientist- Dr. L.B. Yadav
    12. All India Coordinated MullaRP Improvement Project PI- Dr. K.P.S. Kushwaha
    Assoc. Scientist- Dr. L.B. Yadav
    13. All India Coordinated Mushroom Improvement Project PI- Dr. K.P.S. Kushwaha
    Assoc. Scientist- Dr. S.K. Mishra
    14. All India Coordinated Wheat and Barley Improvement Project PI- Dr. Deepshikha

    B. Adhoc Projects

    S.No. Project Name Funding Agency PI Co-PI
    1. Serological and molecular diagnostic kits for seed health assessment for major seed borne pathogens (Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato; Xanthomonas compestris pv vesicatoria; Clavibacter michiganense; Fusarium oxysporum var. lycopersici and Alternaria sp. and tomato spotted wilt virus, infecting tomato ICAR Dr. K. Vishunavat ---
    2. Integrated Farming System and Human Resource Planning and Management for Livelihood Security and Capacity Building of Tribal Community in Uttarakhand TSP Project- Mushroom ICAR --- Dr. K.P.S. Kushwaha (Nodal Scientist)
    3. Indo-UK collaborative project on “Developing Genetics and Genomics Interface to Develop Strategies for Sustainable Use of Resistance to White Rust in Oilseed Mustard (Brassica juncea) DBT Dr. A.K. Tewari ---
    4. Promotion of mushroom cultivation as an economical viable income generation activity for the people of tribal villages Bankatia and Debari of Khatima (US Nagar) Uttarakhand DBT Dr. S.K. Mishra Dr. K.P.S. Kushwaha
    Dr. Omveer Singh
    5. Conservation of Biodiversity and bio-farming oriented rural livelihood through biotechnological approach-based micro-enterprising among SC/ST farmers to promote ‘Eco-friendly Rural Villages’ in UdhamSingh Nagar District of Uttarakhand DST Dr. K.P. Singh Dr. M.L. Sharma
    Dr. D.K. Singh
    Dr. V.K. Rao
    Dr. N.K. Mishra
    Dr. A.K. Pandey

    Ongoing extension activities

    The scientists participate in the farmers contact program impart trainings for different communities. The Scientists of the department organize/participate in trainings for the benefit of farmers at State level and also for Agricultural Officers and also through technology demonstration. “Help Line Services” are rendered by the specialists of the department through Agriculture Technology Information Centre (ATIC) at the University. Information for farmers and other beneficiaries on disease management measures is either delivered through radio talks, TV programme, Krashak Samwad, published literature as popular articles and disease circulars by the faculty members time to time.

    Faculty Awards/Honours

    UN Food and Agriculture

  • 1967- Dr. Y.L. Nene

  • Prof. M.J. Narsimhan Award

  • 1973- Drs. A.N. Mukhopadhyay and P. N. Naidu
  • 1975- Drs. R.K. Tripathi, M. N. Verma and R. P. Gupta
  • 1984- Drs. U.S. Singh and J. Kumar
  • 1990- Drs. D.B. Parekh and O. R. Azmi
  • 1991- Dr. P.K. Mukherjee

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Award

  • 1981- Dr. Ashok Krishna
  • 1984- Dr. J. Kumar
  • 2012-Dr. Nandani Shukla

  • Pesticide India Award

  • 1981- Drs. U.S. Singh and R.K. Tripathi
  • 1984- Drs. Y.P. Sharma, R.K. Tripathi and R.S. Singh
  • 1986- Drs. J. Kumar and U.S. Singh
  • 1987- Mr. Adinarayana, Drs. T.S. Dwivedi and U. S. Singh
  • 1988- Mr. A.K. Saxena and U.S. Singh
  • 1993- Drs. Rashmi Rohilla and U.S. Singh
  • 2000- Drs. Amita Singh and U.S. Singh
  • 2001- Drs. Arvinder Kaur and S.J. Kolte
  • 2004- Drs. Najam Waris Zaidi and U.S. Singh

  • Hexamar Award

  • 1990- Dr. S.J. Kolte

  • Prof. M.S. Pavgi Award

  • 1991- Dr. A.N. Mukhopadhyay

  • Dr. N. Prasad Memorial Lecture Award

  • 2006- Dr. S.J. Kolte

  • Young Scientist Award

  • 2002-Dr. Roopali Sharma
  • 2016-Dr. Geeta Sharma

  • Young Scientist Associate Award

  • 2015- Dr. Geeta Sharma

  • Sipani Krishi Anusandhan Farm Award

  • 2006- Dr. U.S. Singh and team members

  • P.R. Verma Award for Best Ph.D. Research

  • 2000- Drs. Mandvi Singh, H. S. Chaube and R. P. Singh
  • 2002- Drs. Vineeta Singh and U. S. Singh
  • 2006- Drs. K.K. Mishra and R.P. Singh
  • IPS Prof. M.J. Narasimhan Medal

  • 1996- Drs. R. P. Awasthi and S. J. Kolte

  • KPV Menon Best Paper Award of IPS

  • 2003 - Dr K P Singh

  • KPA Menon Gold Medal of IPS

  • 2000- Drs. K. P. Singh and A. K. Rai

  • Uttaranchal Ratan Award

  • 2005- Dr. U. S. Singh
  • 2007- Dr. J. Kumar

  • Education Award of Ministry of HRD GOI

  • 2004-05- Dr. S.N. Vishwakarma

  • Honorary Fellow of Indian Phytopathological Society

  • Dr. R.S. Singh

  • Fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences

  • Dr. A.N. Mukhopadhyay
  • Dr. U.S. Singh
  • Dr. J. Kumar

  • President of Professional Societies

  • 1980- Dr. R. S. Singh, Indian Phytopathological Society
  • 1982- Dr. R. S. Singh, Indian Society of Mycology & Plant Pathology
  • 1986- Dr. A. N. Mukhopadhyay, Indian Society of Mycology & Plant Pathology
  • 1996- Dr. A.N. Mukhopadhyay, Indian Phytopathological Society
  • 1996- Dr. Amerika Singh, Indian Society of Mycology & Plant Pathology
  • 2003- Dr. Amerika Singh, Society of Plant Protection Sciences
  • 2007- Dr. Amerika Singh, Indian Phytopathological Society
  • 2008- Dr. R.P. Singh, Mushroom Society of India
  • Zonal President of Professional Societies
  • 2008- Dr K P Singh, Indian Phytopathological Society
  • 2010- Dr K P Singh, Society of Mycology and Plant Pathology
  • 2017- Dr K P Singh, Indian Phytopathological Society

  • Vice-President of Professional Societies

  • 1984- Dr. R. A. Singh, Indian Society of Mycology & Plant Pathology
  • 1987- Dr. V. K. Agarwal, Indian Society of Seed Technology
  • 2007- Dr. R.P. Singh, Indian Society Mycology and Plant Pathology
  • 2009- Dr. J. Kumar, Indian Society of Plant Pathologists
  • Selected Research Publications


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  • Wheat Pathology Lab
  • Maize Pathology Lab
  • Rice Pathology Lab
  • Oil Seed Pathology Lab
  • Pulse Pathology Lab
  • Seed Pathology Lab and incubation chamber
  • Soil borne plant pathogens and fungicide Lab
  • Epidemiology and forecasting Lab
  • Bio-control Lab
  • IPM Lab
  • Mushroom Research & Training Centre
  • Glass houses
  • Polyhouses
  • UG Practical Lab
  • PG Lab
  • Training Hall
  • Conference Hall

  • Equipments

    All laboratories are equipped well and address crop based and basic plant pathological research including bacteriology, virology, nematology, ecology of soil borne plant pathogens & population biology, host-pathogen interaction, molecular plant pathology, seed pathology besides a referral lab for quality evaluation of biocontrol agents, notified by central insecticide board.

    Following are the equipments:

  • Advanced Research Microscope with DIC Fluorescent
  • Photomicrographic and image analysis facilities
  • Fluorescent microscope
  • Transmitted light research microscopes
  • Inverted microscope
  • Stereobinocular microscope
  • Gel-doc system with advanced software for gel comparison
  • PCR
  • Gradient PCR
  • Ultra-low (-86 0C) deep freezer
  • Horizontal and vertical electrophoretic systems (mini, midi, maxi; multigel etc)
  • Pulse field electrophoresis
  • ELISA reader
  • Sequencing gel
  • RT-PCR
  • Ultracentrifuge
  • Live Cell Imaging system (Olympus)
  • Biolog Microbial Identification System (Biolog)
  • High Speed Centrifuges (Sorval)
  • Rotary Microtome (Leica)
  • Media Filtration System (Millipore)
  • Incubator shakers
  • Olympus Photomicrographic system
  • Real time PCR
  • Gel Doc systems
  • DNA concentrator
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Bio-photometer
  • Gel Electrophoresis and Western blot Assembly
  • Low speed centrifuge
  • Electronic micropipettes
  • High precision electronic balance
  • Ice making machine
  • Automated purification system
  • S.No. Name of student Id. No. Advisor’s Name
    Ph.D. Students
    1. Ms. Puja Pandey 41124 Dr. K.P.S. Kushwaha
    2. Ms. Akansha Singh 48158 Dr. J. Kumar
    3. Ms. Meenakshi Dwivedi 42874 Dr. K. Vishunavat
    4. Ms. Ruchi Tripathi 35685 Dr. K. Vishunavat
    5. Ms. Ambika Rautela 42751 Dr. J. Kumar
    6. Mr. B. Chandra Sharma 22385 Dr. R.P. Singh
    7. Ms. Divya Sharma 42745 Dr. Yogendra Singh
    8. Ms. Yogita Bohra 38049 Dr. J. Kumar
    9. Ms. Sudha Nandni 43970 Dr. K. Vishunavat
    10. Ms. Bhavya Mishra 38133 Dr. R.P. Singh
    11. Mr. Devanshu Dev 49641 Dr. A.K. Tewari
    12. Ms. Anshul Arya 38091 Dr. K.P.S. Kushwaha
    13. Ms. Sujata Singh Yadav 49524 Dr. Yogendra Singh
    14. Mr. Omkar Singh 39734 Dr. K.P.S. Kushwaha
    15. Mr. Amirtha Lingam V. 51182 Dr. A.K. Tewari
    16. Mr. Gurumayum Robert Daniel 50924 Dr. A.K. Tewari
    17. Ms. Pooja Bhatt 50918 Dr. K.P. Singh
    18. Mr. Bathula Jagadeesh 51153 Dr. J. Kumar
    19. Ms. Pagoti Hemalatha 51140 Dr. J. Kumar
    M.Sc. Students
    1. Ms. Prerna Dobhal 47010 Dr. S.K. Mishra
    2. Ms. Himani Jeena 49359 Dr. R.K. Sahu
    3. Ms. Chetna Bisht 41422 Dr. Vishwanath
    4. Ms. Geeta Dhami /td> 41375 Dr. K.P.S. Kushwaha
    5. Mr. Shubham Bhatt 41448 Dr. Vishwanath
    6. Ms. Manpreet Kaur 49615 Dr. S.K. Mishra
    7. Ms. Prarthana Jagoori 49480 Dr. R.K. Sahu
    8. Ms. Sadhna Chauhan 49372 Dr. L.B. Yadav
    9. Mr. Sunil Kumar Arya 41474 Dr. Satya Kumar
    10. Ms. Divya Bhatt 43696 Dr. Pradeep Kumar
    11. Ms. Bhagyashree Bhatt 43693 Dr. Pradeep Kumar
    12. Ms. Kumari Surbhi 43669 Dr. K.P. Singh
    13. Ms. Hina Kausar 43753 Dr. Geeta Sharma
    14. Ms. Chandra Arya 50986 Dr. K.P. Singh
    15. Mr. Pradeep Negi 50939 Dr. Bijendra Kumar
    16. Ms. Neha Surendra Singh Rawat 50957 Dr. Satya Kumar
    17. Ms. Kavita 50964 Dr. Bijendra Kumar
    18. Mr. Ram Krishna 50982 Dr. L.B. Yadav
    19. Mr. Varunesh Kumar 51057 Dr. S.K. Mishra
    20. Mr. Abhikshek Gowda HR 51054 Dr. K. Vishunavat
    21. Ms. Delna Rose S. 51055 Dr. Geeta Sharma

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