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Department of Family Resource Management

Dr. Divya Singh

DESIGNATION:Assistant Professor
SPECIALISATION:Family Resource Management
CONTACT NO.:9450103029 (M)

Research Projects

  • Life style & Productivity Optimization for Paramedical Hospital Employees (ICSSR Research Project Award (2years) 2015-2017

  • Research Areas/Areas of Interest

  • Ergonomics
  • Product design
  • Gender studies

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Singh Divya and Vinay Deepa (2014). Ergonomic Assessment of Traditional and Improved Methods of Paddy Threshing For Drudgery Reduction of Hill Region of Uttarakhand, Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment, 12(2) (NAAS-6.44)

    2. Singh Divya and Vinay Deepa (2014). Design, Fabrication And Performance of Drudgery Free Paddy Thresher For Farmers Of Hills of Himalayas. Ge-International Journal Of Engineering Research, 2(8):8–18. ISSN :(2321-1717),ISSN (Print): (2394-420X) IMPACT FACTOR-4.721

    3. Singh Divya and Vinay Deepa (2014). Optimization of Machine Parameters of Parvatiya Sugam Motorized Thresher using Response Surface Methodology. Journal of Applied and Natural Science 6(1) :207-213.(NAAS-5.08)

    4. Singh Divya and Vinay Deepa (2013) Gender participation in Indian agriculture: An ergonomic evaluation of occupational hazard of farm and allied activities. IntlernationaL. Journal of Agriculture. Environment and Biotechnology, 6(1):97-108(NAAS-4.1)

    5. Singh Divya. and Kwatra Seema (2012). Psycho-physiological effects of shift work on the lives of railway employees: an ergonomic Intervention. International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Studies, Vol. I(II):99-105(ISSN-2249-8974)

    Other Information

  • Awards
    1. Young scientist award 2011 by (Ucost) Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology
    2. Best doctoral paper award 2011 by Humanizing Work and Work Environment (HWWE)
    3. University grant commssion (UGC) Junior research fellowship (JRF) award 2011

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