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Department of Animal Nutrition

Dr. Ashoka Kumar

CONTACT NO.:9411320340

Selected Research Publications

  1. Singh, V., Kumar, Ashoka, Bohra, B., Nautiyal, N. and Negi, V. 2016. Animal feeds from transgenic crops: a biosafety prospective. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 86(10): 1096-1098.

  2. Bohra, B., Singh, V. Sharma, R. J., Jaiswal, R. S. and Kumar Ashoka. 2008. Nutritive value of different feed and fodder samples available in the study areas of Uttarakhand mountains. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 78(7): 783-786.

  3. Kumar, R. Kumar, Ashoka and Rastogi, S. K. 2006. Comparative blood bio-chemical profile of dairy cattle in three different regions of Uttaranchal. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 76(8): 599-604.

  4. Singh, M., Chauhan, S. S.,Kumar, Ashoka and Jaiswal, R. S. 2004. Performance of heifers on the diet added with malt sprout. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 74(10):1082-1084.

  5. Verma, P. and Kumar, Ashoka. 2000. A study on the metabolisable energy content of Soybean meal and meat meal through bioassay and prediction equation. Journal of Poultry Science, 35(2): 167-170.

Other Information


  • Nidhi Garg and Ashoka Kumar(2004)Recipient of Best Paper Award in the National Seminar “PRAKRITI 2004”
  • Pankaj Kumar Singh; Anil Kumar; Ashoka Kumar; D.P.Tiwari and Jyoti Palod (2016):First Runner-up Award for Poster Presentation in HAP-2016 National Conference on Hill Agriculture in Perspectives held at GBPUAT,Pantnagar on Feb.26-28,2016 ,28th Feb.2016


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