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Department of Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Dr. Shiv Prasad
(On Deputation)

DESIGNATION:Professor & Head
SPECIALISATION:Animal Reproduction
CONTACT NO.:9411377368

Selected Research Publications

  1. R.Rautela, G.K.Das, Shiv Prasad, A.Kumar, Abhishek, K.Narayanan and J.K.Prasad (2018). Isolation and identification of uterine bacteria associated with endometritis in cows. Indian Journal of Animal Reproduction. 39 (2): 47-49

  2. S.K.Sheetal, Shiv Prasad and H.P.Gupta (2017). Impact of Insulin or Insulin like growth factor-1 administration during mid luteal phase of estrous cycle on in vivo embryo production in Sahiwal cattle. The Indian Journal of Animal Reproduction 39(1): 28-30.

  3. Anoop Singh, Mridula Sharma, Shiv Prasad, Yaqoob Bhat, Anil Kumar, Dinesh Pandey and Santosh Shukla (2017). Effect of supplementation of Butylated Hydroxy tolune on post-thaw viability, motility and membrane integrity of crossbred bovine spermatozoa. International Journal of Livestock Research April 5: 93-95.

  4. Rupali Rautela, G K Das, Shiv Prasad, Avadhesh Kumar, J K Prasad,S K ghosh and naveen kumar (2017). In-vitro antibacterial potential of aqueous and ethanolic extract of Aegle marmelos and Murraya koenigii leaf on the bacterial strains isolated from endometritic cows. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 87 (7): 844–845

  5. S.K. Sheetal, Shiv Prasad and H.P. Gupta (2017). Dystocia Due To Foetal Ascites In A Murrah Buffalo. Buffalo Bulletin, Vol.36(3):573-575

Other Information


  • Awarded Dr. Swaminath Iyer award for best research paper for the year 1998 by Indian Veterinary Association, Chennai.
  • Best Teacher award conferred on 02-03-2002 by Vice Chancellor, G.B.Pant University of Ag. & Tech. Pantnagar. U.S. Nagar, Uttaranchal.
  • Awarded Best Research Paper presentation in 17th annual convention and National Seminar on Fertility Management of Farm Animal under Adverse Agro Climatic Condition. Oct. 6-8, 2001. Jodhpur.
  • Best Poster Award in International Buffalo Conference on optimizing Buffalo Productivity through Conventional and novel technology, Feb 1-4, 2010, National Agricultural Science Complex, New Delhi.
  • Awarded Dr. N.C.Sharma award-2013 during 29th annual Convention of Indian Society for Study of Animal Reproduction and National Symposium at Nagpur, January 8, 2013.
  • Best research paper award-2016 on “revisiting reproductive strategies to enhance conception rate in bovines under field conditions “during National conference on Hill Agriculture in Perspective organized by G.B.Pant University of Ag.&Technology, Pantnagar, U.S.Nagar, Uttarakhand w.e.f.26-28 Feb. 2016 at Pantnagar.Pp: 440.
  • G.B.Singh Memorial Award-2017 during 33rd Annual Convention of Indian Society for Study of Animal Reproduction and National Symposium on “Use of Reproductive Technologies and Production Improvement in Livestock Species Aiming to Socio –economic Development of Rural Mass” held at Kolkata w.e.f.9-11 Feb. 2018

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