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Department of Veterinary Pathology

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About Us

Departmental Facilities

  • Post Mortem examination of livestock, poultry and wild life.
  • Histopathology of tissues/organs received from different places of uttarakhand.

  • Achievements:

    1. Coagglution Test: A simple and rapid Immunodiagnostic test for Parvo- virus infection in dogs.
    2. Isolation of canine Parvovirus from clinical cases of gastroenteritis.
    3. Dot immunobinding assay: A rapid and cost effect test for diagnosis of Rotavirus infection in calves and Parvovirus infection in dogs.
    4. Histoplasmosis reported in heifer- A first report from India.
    5. Research on calf diarrhoea revealed the presence of Rotavirus as its cause.
    6. The detailed pathogenesis of rotavirus infection was studied alongwith its histopathological, immunohistochemical and electronmicroscopic features.
    7. A very cost effective, rapid, sensitive specific diagnostic test “Dog Immunobinding Assay” was developed for quick diagnosis of rotavirus in calves ( Vet.Rec. 130:381).
    8. The Immunopathogenesis of rotavirus infection revealed the role of cell mediated immunity at local level in the intestine for the first time (J.Comp. Path. 107: 118).
    9. The Immunoperoxidase techniques were developed for the demonstration of rotavirus antigen in intestinal tissue. Besides, the specific antibody producing cells were also demonstrated in calves, which were helpful in diagnosis of subclinical and convalscent cases of diarrhoea.
    10. Morphometric studies, D-xylose malabsorption assay, Transmission and scanning electronmicroscopic studies were undertaken for the first time in this disease.
    11. Colibacillosis in poultry: 63 different “O” serogroups of Escherichia coli reported. Pathogenicity and drug resistance of E. coli strains studied.
    12. Role of Yersinia enterocolitica in osteoporotic changes in mice established.
    13. Acupuncture technique applied for treatment of Aspiration pneumonia in calves.
    14. A large number of pesticides such as cypermethrin, alphameprin, lindane, quinolphes, endosulfan, metasystox and fenvalarate have been studied in animals and poultry for their toxicopathological, clinicopathological and immunopathological features so as to help in diagnosis. Immunosuppressive effect of pesticides has been recorded.
    15. Studies on heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium revealed that their low doses no adverse effect’ dose are immunotoxic causing immunosuppression in animals and birds leading to increased susceptibility to various diseases.
    16. Lymphocyte stimulation test using MTT dye developed for biomonitoring of environmental pollutants in animals.
    17. Transmission electron microscopy conducted in cypermethrin toxicity in calves.
    18. The immunostimulatory effect of various herbs like Giloy (Tino spora cordifolia) , Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) and Aonla (Emblica officiralis) established in dogs.
    19. Immunomodulatory effect of cow urine was assessed.
    20. A herbal product Immu Raksha was developed for immunomoduation.
    21. Clinicopathological and Immunopathological effects of pesticides have been recorded in livestock and poultry leading to vaccination failure, occurrence of disease out bocaks and tumors.
    22. Studies on nanomaterials revealed their pathology in birds leading to hepatopathy, nephropathy and Immunomodulatory effects


  • Analysis of blood , faecal, urine, milk and other samples received from college clinic, veterinary hospitals, field etc. for disease diagnosis.
  • Examination of Biopsy and morbid material received from college clinic, IDF, Nagla, Veterinary hospitals, wild life and other places for histopathological diagnosis.
  • Post mortem examination of dead animals received from different sources including wild animals from forests, and domestic animals from college clinic, veterinary hospitals, IDF, IPF, etc.

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