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Notices for Students

For any queries contact on the following numbers 05944 - 233349, 233350, 233325, 233320, 233331 between 09:30 am to 5:30 pm.

  • विश्वविद्यालय वर्ष 2019-20 में प्रवेश लिये आई0सी0ए0आर0 एन0टी0एस/बी0सी0आई0 स्नातक स्नाकोत्तर के नवीन विद्यार्थियों के लिए छात्रवृत्ति हेतु सूचना
  • Modified Time Table for I Sem 2019-20
  • Last date of registration for all the newly admitted students through G.B.P.U.A&T University Entrance Examination 2019-20
  • University Level Anti-Ragging Committee for academic session 2019-20
  • No late fee/penalty for late student registration upto 09.09.2019
  • University Level Anti-Ragging Committee for academic session 2019-20
  • Applications are invited for Mr. Varun Panwar Memorial Award
  • Applications are invited from B.Tech. 3rd/4th year Agricultural Engineering students for the award of "Merit Scholarship"
  • Applications are invited from B.Tech. 4th year Electrical Engineering students for the award of "Sri. Amit Gautam Award"
  • Academic Calendar for I Semester 2019-20 (Internal & External Examination)
  • Compartment exam date sheet for College of Basic Sciences & Humanities for academic Session 2018-19
  • Regarding applicability of academic regulations (external examination) for students admitted from academic session 2018-19 and onwards
  • Revised Compartment exam date sheet for College of Technology for academic Session 2018-19
  • Corrigendum notice regarding Academic Calendar for I Sem 2019-20 (External Examination)
  • Notice regarding shifting of registration date and depositing fee by fresh students
  • Notice regarding rescheduling of start date of the academic session 2019-20
  • Fee details of B.Tech. continuing students for I Sem year 2019-20
  • Scroll I Sem., 2019-20 for B.Tech. continuing students
  • Application for “3rd 4A Asha Kiran Scholarship” to UG Students (For the Year 2019-20)
  • Anti-ragging squads for the year 2019-2020 at college level
  • Revised fee structure for the academic year 2019-2020
  • Internal Committee for the students with Disabilities
  • Final Examination Schedule of Sem II 2018-19
  • Tentative Final Examination Schedule 2019
  • Application form for renewal of University Ph.D. Fellowship
  • Link to submit a form for personal details
  • वर्ष 2018-19 के द्वितीय षठमास में पीएच0डी0 में नव प्रवेश प्राप्त छात्रों एवं विश्वविद्यालय में अध्यययनरत पुराने छात्रों के नवीनीकरण हेतु
  • List of students awarded with Merit Scholarship
  • Notice regarding Merit Scholarship 2017-18
  • Information/Instructions for degree recipients of 32nd Convocation
  • University Convocation 2019
  • Sports Scholarship for the year 2018-19
  • University Athletic Meet 2018-19
  • Notice regarding Priyank Pathak Scholarship
  • नाबार्ड अनुसंधान इन्टर्नशिप योजना के अंतर्गत इच्छुक अनुसंधानकर्ताओं द्वारा आवेदन
  • Notice regarding the use of motorized two wheelers for Ph.D. Students
  • Change in entry timings of Master's and Ph.D. girls student
  • Leave Application Form format for Students (UG, Master's and Ph.D.)
  • Fee details II Sem. Year 2018-2019 for continuing students
  • Scroll II Sem., 2018-2019 for continuing students
  • Student's Affairs Management Committee
  • List of Holidays - 2019
  • Proforma of Migration Certificate/TC
  • University Level Anti-Ragging Committee for academic session 2018-19
  • Application for “2nd 4A Asha Kiran Scholarship” to Under Graduate Students (For the Year 2018-19)
  • Late Mr. Varun Panwar Memorial Award for Students of B.Sc. Ag(2nd,3rd & final year)
  • Scheme of 'Merit cum means based scholarship' for Students Belonging to the Minority Communities A.Y. 2018-19
  • Revised Hostel Accommodation list for students for the year 2018-19
  • Fee Payment Window is Open for All UG and All PG and Ph.D. programme
  • Anti-Ragging Committee for Academic Session 2018-19
  • Important Notice/Formats for UG, Master's and Ph.D. (New and Existing) University Students for the academic session 2018-19
    1. Office Order
    2. Affidavit 1
    3. Affidavit 2
    4. Leave Application Form for Students (UG, Master's and Ph.D.)
    5. Existing Rules for University Students
  • New Payment form for all Scholarships and Fellowships
  • छात्रवृत्ति हेतु सुचना
  • विद्यार्थी की छात्रवृत्ति/ अध्येयतावृत्ति/ आर्थिक सहायकता हेतु परामर्शदाताओं को निर्देश
  • Application Form for ICAR-NTS/ VCI/ NON-JRF
  • Online fee payment
  • Scholarship Fellowship and Financial Assistance :
    1. List
    2. Application & Payment Format
  • Vidya Lakshmi Portal for Student Educational Loan

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