Department of Animal Genetics & Breeding

Dr. Bijendra Narayan Shahi

SPECIALISATION:Animal Breeding and Molecular Genetics
CONTACT NO.:+91-9410587169

Research Areas/Areas of interest

  • Animal Breeding and Molecular Genetics

  • Research Projects

    S.No. PI/CO-PI Title of Project(s) Funding agency
    1. CO-PI North-Western Himalayan Bioinformatics Grid Govt. of India Ministry of Science & Technology
    2. CO-PI AICRP-Sahiwal (DRU) ICAR
    3. CO-PI AICRP-Uttarakhand Goats ICAR
    4. CO-PI Integrated Farming System and Human Resource Planning and Management for Livelihood security and Capacity Building of Tribal Community in CD blocks Kalsi & Chakrata district Dehradun Uttarakhand ICAR

    Selected Research Publications

    1. Shahi, B. N.; Singh, Brijesh and Verma, S.K. (2003). Inheritance of pre and post incubation traits of Guinea fowl using arc-sine and square root transformation. Indian Journal of Animal Science 73(1), 100-101.

    2. Kumar, D.; Pandey, A.K.; Ahlawat, S.P.S.; Sirohi, G.; Sharma R.; Gour, D.S.; Dixit S.P.; Verma, N.K.; Aggarwal, R.A.K.; Gupta, N.; Shahi B. N. and Gupta, S.C. (2005). Genetic variability and bottleneck analysis of Jakhrana goats by microsatellite DNA fingerprinting. Korean Journal of Genetics 27(3), 235-245.

    3. Shahi, B. N. and Kumar, D. (2006). Factors affecting replacement rate and its components in Sahiwal and Jersey-Sahiwal cattle. Indian Journal of Animal Science 76(10), 855-856.

    4. Shahi, B. N. and Kumar, D. (2006).Sire evaluation of first lactation traits using univariate animal model in Sahiwal and Jersey –Sahiwal cattle. Indian Journal of Animal Science 76 (10), 853-854.

    5. Sarma, M.; Shahi, B.N.; Kumar, D. Kumar, S., and Barwal, R.S. (2018). Assessing genetic variability in Udaipuri goat using microsatellite markers. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 88 (5), 620-622.


  • Young Scientist Award for outstanding contribution in Animal Genetics & Breeding, conferred by JMD Educational Society, U.P.

  • Best Poster Presentation award-ISAGB held at IVRI, Izatnagar (UP) from January 19-20, 2017.

  • Excellence in Teaching Award in National Agricultural Convention in Oct, 2017 at Rajasthan.