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Intellectual Property Management Centre (IPMC)

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  • Dr. M.S. Negi
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  • Intellectual Property Management Centre
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  • E-mail: ipmcgbpuat[at]gmail

About Us

In keeping with needs of development of society, the University has always maintained its high tradition of research. In the era of recurring food shortages during 1960’s, the University played its role as harbinger of Green Revolution; a story that is well known world over. In the new era of globalization, the University is committed to development and promotion of intellectual properties being generated by its erudite faculty members in Colleges of various disciplines viz; Agriculture, Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Home Science, Basic Sciences & Humanities, Technology and Fisheries. They have capabilities of generating new ideas and at the same time imparting knowledge and training to their graduate students at M.Sc., M.VSc., M.Tech. and Ph.D. levels for intellectual Property generation.

The new Vice-Chancellor is constantly engaged in providing requisite support to research in all the colleges so that the process of intellectual property generation is speeded up in a pronounced manner; thus various laboratories are being improvised, research equipments are being procured and new recruitments are in the offing. A fresh wind for research is blowing at Pantnagar. Further, the Vice-Chancellor is also committed to mainstreaming the University with the new Intellectual Property Regime. For this he has created a new outfit viz. IPMC so that the intellectual properties generated at the University are properly registered, maintained and where necessary they are commercialized. This Centre was created in June, 2015.

The IPMC caters to the needs of all the teaching and research staff in the area of protection of intellectual properties. It has also addressed it self to the task of commercialization of technologies. It is manned by a Chief Executive Officer and equipped with modern office facilities. Housed in the PCPGR building, the Centre is easily accessible to all the scientists of the University. Even through in infancy, the Centre has made its presence felt in the University.

The Centre has a huge appetite for intellectual property protection and invites all such scientists as have patentable intellectual properties or ideas which can acquire the status of intellectual properties. So all are welcome to the Centre.

The centre beckons you all scientists of Pantnagar, for intellectual property protection.

Bidding Document for Transfer of Patented Technologies of G.B.P.U.A&T., Pantnagar

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