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Dr. Sonika Chauhan
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
College of Technology

Contact No.: +91-8077812389

About Hostel

Saraswati Bhawan HOSTEL provides one of the best milieus for female students aspiring for the degree of Bachelor of Technology. It was inaugurated by the honorable vice chancellor Dr. Magla Rai.

It has 100 rooms divided into 10 wings providing accommodation for 150 students. It accommodates I-year students of a few branches of technology viz. Mechanical, Information Technology, Production Engineering, and M-TECH MCA first-year students Apart from that, there is also a common room used for co-curricular activities, a dining hall/mess, and a common lawn for numerous outdoor activities.

For the better functioning and management of the hostel, various committees are formed namely Food Committee, Notice Board Committee, Maintenance Committee, Cultural Committee, and Sports Committee with appreciable support and guidance from Warden, the Assistant Warden, and other staff members.

In short, our hostel is not just a hostel for everyone but a home away from home.

Office Bearers Of The Hostel

Dean, Student Welfare Dr. Brejesh Singh
Chief Warden Dr. Alakhnanda Ashok
Warden Dr. Sonika Chauhan
Assistant Warden Mrs. Jaya Bhakuni
Hostel Manager Mr. G.B Pandey
General Secretary Saloni Dyaracoty
Secretary Cultural Secretary
Sukriti Gaur Harshita Martolia
Maintenance Secretary Prerna Tiwari
Food Secretary Km. Renu

Committees Of The Hostel

Wing Counsellors

Wing Name Id Room No.
Wing 1 Aastha Singh 58929 6
Wing 2 Akshita 58845 20
Wing 3 Rujula Singh 59239 22
Wing 4 Manshi Kunwar 58981 34
Wing 5 Khushi Kashyap 57204 51
Wing 6 Khushi Arora 58940 68
Wing 7 Jyoti Durgapal 58612 77
Wing 8 Adrija Rawat 59435 96
Wing 9 Pratibha Mehta 59629 105

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