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Dr. Seema Agarwal
Professor & Head
Department of Veterinary Pathology
College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Contact No.: +91-7500241507

Events Organized by Yamunotri Bhawan in the Session 2022-2023

S.No. Event Date Winners
Name Id. No. College
1. Deepawali celebration 24.05.2022
2. Pot Decoration Competition 15.11.2022 I. Ms. Kanchan Bisht 51581 COCS
II. Ms. Sanchita Biswas 58536 CBSH
III. Ms. Shreya Juyal 58081 CBSH
3. Triple Leg Race 19.02.2023 I. Ms. Geetanjali
Ms. Kirti Kathayat
II. Ms. Bhawana &
Ms. Anusha
4. Save the Water – Fun game 05.03.2023 I. Ms. Geetanjali 58425 CBSH
II. Ms. Varsha Kamboj 53217 COCS
5. Ballon Spoon Race 06.03.2023 I. Ms. Varsha Kamboj 53217 COCS
II. Ms. Monika 49865 CVAS
6. Mehendi Competition 29.04.2023 I. Ms. Divya Badoni 57720 CBSH
II. Ms. Sahiba Ahmed 59612 CBSH
III. Ms. Muskan Khan 59594 CBSH

Deepawali Celebration

Deepawali, the festival of lights is one of the biggest festivals of Hindus which is celebrated not only in India but across the globe. The hostel organized a DJ party on the occasion of Diwali before the official holiday for the festival i.e., on 21st October, 2022 under the guidance of warden, Dr. Neetu Dobhal and Assistant warden, Mrs. Asha Awasthi.

Students celebrating the festival

Beautiful decorations by students

Pot Decoration Competition

The Pot Decoration Competition, organized by Cultural committee of hostel Yamunotri Bhawan, took place on December 15, 2022. This event aimed to showcase the creativity and artistic skills of the participants in decorating pots. A total of 6 participants enthusiastically took part in the Pot Decoration Competition, which attracted students and residents of the hostel, each bringing their unique ideas and talents to the event.

The competition venue was adorned with vibrant and eye-catching pots, adding a festive atmosphere to the occasion. Participants showcased their innovative and imaginative ideas through their pot decorations, employing various techniques, colours and materials.

The competition was judged by Warden, Yamunotri Bhawan, Dr. Neetu Dobhal. The judge meticulously evaluated each pot based on criteria such as creativity, craftsmanship, use of colors, and overall aesthetic appeal. The judging process ensured fairness and impartiality throughout the competition. After careful deliberation, result was announced. The top winners of the “Pot Decoration Competition” were as follows:

  • 1st Position: Ms. Kanchan Bisht
  • 2nd Position: Ms. Sanchita Biswas
  • 3rd Position: Ms. Shriya Juyal
  • The winners received recognition for their exceptional creativity. The event provided a platform for individuals to express their creativity, resulting in a display of beautifully decorated pots. Overall, the event fostered a sense of camaraderie, celebration, and appreciation for art within the hostel.

    Students celebrating the festival

    Beautiful decorations by students