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1. Veterinary Society

Veterinary society Pantnagar is a coordinated group of professors and students. The society has been conducting various cultural, literary and sports events since many professional year and this year also the society has successfully organized various events at University and College level. During the professional year 2022-23, the society conducted various events and all the events were conducted in offline mode. As a part of tradition, this year also vet week was organized to celebrate World Veterinary Day w.e.f. April 24-29, 2023.

2. Kaizen Vet. Society

The Kaizen Vet Society is a student- run Literary Society whose main objective is to enhance the confidence of students by developing their communication skills and preparing them for various future interviews and competitions. It runs under the guidance of Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Kumar, Staff Counselor, Kaizen Vet. VIBGYOR, the name itself represent 7 colours and here this means a 7 days full week of various events. Due to shortage of time, only 4 days series of events were conducted for the students of batch 2021. There was a total of 5 teams.

Vetophoria (the Vet Nite) Video

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