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Department of Animal Nutrition

Dr. B.C. Mondal

CONTACT NO.:9411344356

Research Projects Undertaken

Title of the project Funding Agency Involvement as PI/Co-PI Duration
Optimization of Cattle Production in Arid Zone CAZRI (ICAR) As PI 5 years
March, 1998 to Feb., 2003
Studies on micronutrient status of soil, plant and animals under various production systems prevailing in arid ecosystem CAZRI (ICAR) Co-PI 2 years
March, 2001 to Feb., 2003
Evaluation of Multinutrient feed Block (MNFB) formulation to increase Livestock Production in Arid Zone. CAZRI (ICAR) Co-PI 1 Year
March, 2002 to Feb., 2003
Collection, evaluation and conservation of arid rangeland shrubs CAZRI (ICAR) Co-PI 3 Years
March, 2002 to Feb., 2005
Effect of feeding brinjal fruits produced from transgenic Bt. Brinjal containing Cry 1 Ac gene on feed intake, milk production and composition in lactating crossbred dairy cows in India MAYHCO, Mumbai Co-PI 1 Year
Oct. 22, 2005 to Sept, 21, 2006
AICRP on “Improvement of feed resources and nutrient utilization in raising animal production” NIANP (ICAR) Co-PI 9 Year
April, 2004 to March 2013

Selected Research Publications

  1. Negi, Divya, Mondal, B. C. and Tiwari, D. P. 2015. Effect of phase feeding on milk production, milk composition, nutrient utilization and haemato-biochemical constituents in lactating crossbred cattle. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology 15: 235-244.

  2. Dubey, C. S., Mondal, B. C., Tiwari, D. P., Kumar, Anil and Yadav, C. L. 2011. Effect of plane of nutrition on nutrient utilization, haemato-biochemical parameters and immune response in Haemonchus contortus infected sheep. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, 11: 27-39.

  3. Mondal, B. C., Yadava, N. D., Singh, J. P. and Beniwal, R. K. 2009. Utilization efficiency of sewan grass (Lasiurus sindicus) and groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) haulm based feed in rathi calves. Annals of Arid Zone, 48(1): 75-77.

  4. Mondal, B. C., Sahoo, A., Mishra, S. C. and Pathak, N. N. 2001. Immune response of growing crossbred (Bos Taurus x Bos indicus) calves fed isonitrogenous grainless diet. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 71(6): 559-562.

  5. Mondal, B.C., Garg A. K., Kamra, D. N. and Pathak, N. N. 1996. Effect of feeding sodium bicarbonate on nutrient digestibility and rumen fermentation pattern in buffaloes. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 66(9): 952-954.

Other Information


  • Bharat Singh and B.C. Mondal received best paper presentation award for the paper entitled “Growth performance of Rathi calves managed under different feeding system prevailing in arid zone of Rajasthan” (In) III Biennial ANA Conference, CCSHAU, Hissar, Nov. 7-9, 2000.

  • M.K. Tiwary, D.P., Tiwari, B.C. Mondal and Anil Kumar received best oral presentation award for the paper entitled “Macro and micro mineral profile in soil, feeding stuffs and animals in Haridwar district of Uttranchal” (In). National Symposium on Recent Technologies in uplifting the socio-economic status of rural people through livestock production and management held at CVASC, Pantnagar from April, 20-22, 2006.

  • S.K. Tiwari, Anil Kumar, D.P. Tiwari, B.C. Mondal and P.C.Saxena received best oral presentation award for the paper entitled “Response of strategic supplementation of mineral mixture in dairy animals under field condition of Nainital district of Uttarakhand” (In). 14th Biennial Conference of Animal Society of India on Livestock productivity enhancement with available feed resources, held at CVASC, Pantnagar from November, 3-5,2011.

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