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Department of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. J.L. Singh

DESIGNATION:Professor, VMD / Additional DSW
SPECIALISATION:Veterinary Medicine
CONTACT NO.:05944-233066, 9410119561

Area of Interest:

  • Wildlife Medicine

  • Research Project:

    1. In Operation
      • Tribal Sub Plan Project, Sub- Component: Small Ruminants. ICAR Funded

    Selected Research Publications

    1. Tufani, N.A.,Singh J.L., , Kumar, Mahesh , Ahmad ,A.H., & Das, Arup Kr., (2017) Differential Diagnosis of acute versus chronic renal failure in canines with special reference to Clinical manifestations . Medical Science , Vol. 21 No 84 , March –April Pp 66-74

    2. Kandpal , Nitin ,Singh J.L., Das , Arup Kr., Rastogi,S.K. & Kumar, Mahesh (2016) Comparative Therapeutic Evaluation of Steroids for management of Spondylosis in Canines . International Journal of Pharmacology & Therapeutics , 06 (1),1-8

    3. Singh, J.L., Satyendra Kumar and Mahesh kumar (2013). Development of field package of practice for the management of endemic Goitre in goats Indian Journal of Veterinary Medicine 33(2):79-86

    4. Singh, J.L.; Sharma, M.C.; Kumar, Mahesh; Gupta, G.C. and Kumar Subodh (2006). Immune status of goats in endemic Goitre and its therapeutic management. Small Ruminant Research;63;249-255

    5. Singh, J.L.; Sharma, M.C.; Kumar, M.; Rastogi, S.K.; Gupta, G.C.; Singh, S.P.; Sharma, L.D.; Gandhi, V.K. and Kalicharan (2002). Assessment of therapy in Goitrous goats through some cardiac function tests. Small Ruminant Research. 44: 659-665.

    6. Singh, J.L. and Swarup, D. (1995). Clinical observation and diagnosis of fluorosis in dairy cows and buffaloes. Agri-Practice. 16: 25-30.

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