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Faculty Name


Department of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension Education

Dr. S.C. Tripathi

QUALIFICATION:Ph.D. (Animal Husbandry)
SPECIALISATION:Veterinary Extension and Veterinary Economics
CONTACT NO.:9411159957

Selected Research Publications

Names of author(s) Year of publication Title of publication Volume, issues and page numbers
Tripathi, S.C., Dabas YPS and Harshwardhan 2006 Prospects of On-line Education in Uttaranchal Journal of Communication Studies. Vol. XXIV (2). pp. 22-27
Sharma, A. K.; Singh, R. K. and Tripathi, S. C. 2008 Nature, Extent and Determinations of Milch Animal Trade in Mid Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh Indian J. of Agricultural Marketing. Vol. 22(2) May-Aug.2008, pp79-112
Singh Pratibha. Bardhan, D. and Tripathi, S. C. 2014 Role of dairy cooperatives in information dissemination: evidence from Nainital district in Uttarakhand The Asian Journal of Animal Sciences. Vol. 9 (1). Pp. 43-51
Singh Pratibha, Tripathi S. C. and Bardhan, D. 2014 Utilization Pattern and Perceived Benefits of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) tools used by Dairy Farmers in Nainital District of Uttarakhand Animal Science Reporter (International Journal of Animal Science Research) Vol. 8 (4). Pp. 130-139
Bardhan, D. Singh Pratibha & Tripathi, S. C. 2014 Leveraging Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure of dairy Cooperative Network: An ex-ante analysis of Potential Institutional Innovation Agricultural Economics Research Review. Vol. 2(Conference Number) 2014. Pp. 55-66.

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