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Department of Veterinary Physiology & Biochemistry

Dr. Aman Kamboj

DESIGNATION:Assistant Professor
QUALIFICATION:Ph.D. (Animal Biotechnology)
SPECIALISATION:Animal Biotechnology
CONTACT NO.:9528387716 (M)

Research areas/Areas of interest

  • Molecular biology of animal viruses; Molecular diagnostics; Bioinformatics

  • Selected Research Publications

    1. Lekshmi S. Rajan, Aman Kamboj, Bikash R. Prusty, Tapan Palai, L. R. Ananthakrishna , Mohini Saini and Praveen K. Gupta. (2016). Production of Bovine Herpesvirus-1 Vaccine Strains in MDBK Cells Using Bello Cell Bioreactor. British Biotechnology Journal.12 (1): 1-7.

    2. Kamboj, A., Saini, M. Rajan L. S., Patel, C. L., Chaturvedi, V. K., , Gupta, P. K. (2015). Construction of infectious cDNA clone derived from a classical swine fever virus field isolate in BAC vector using in vitro overlap extension PCR and recombination. Journal of Virological Methods. 226: 60–66.

    3. Kamboj, A., Pateriya, A. K., Mishra, A., Ranaware, P., Kulkarni, D. D., Raut, A. A. (2014). Novel Molecular Beacon Probe-Based Real-Time RT-PCR Assay for Diagnosis of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Encountered in India. BioMed Research International. 2014:496219. Doi: 10.1155/2014/496219.

    4. Kamboj, A., Patel, C. L., Chaturvedi, V. K., Saini, M., Gupta, P. K. (2014). Complete genome sequence of an Indian field isolate of classical swine fever virus belonging to sub genotype 1.1. Genome Announcements. 2(5):e00886-14. doi:10.1128/genomeA.00886-14.

    5. Kamboj, A., Raut, A. A., Senthilkumar, D., Ranaware, P., Rajukumar, K., Mishra, A., Kulkarni, D. D. (2013). Amplification and Cloning of Full length ‘S’ Segment of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus from Hyalomma ticks infesting cattle in Gujarat, India. Journal of Veterinary Public Health. 11 (2): 141-143.

    Other Information


  • Best poster presentation award-I: ISVIB-2013 (COVAS Palampur).
  • Best poster presentation award-II: ISVIB-2012 (IVRI Izatnagar)
  • Best oral presentation award: IAVMI-2014 (DUVASU Mathura).
  • Member of American society of microbiology (ASM) (Membership Id. 57239824) for year 2015
  • Life Member of Indian society for Veterinary Immunology and Biotechnology (ISVIB) (Receipt no.1165)
  • Life Member of Society for Biosafety, India (SBS/214-2015)
  • Life Member of People for Animals society (Reg. no. UTR-009040)
  • Life Member of Indian Society for advancement of Canine Practice. (Reg. No. A-240/1827/2016)

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