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All admissions shall be made strictly on merit as determined on the basis of marks obtained by the candidates in the Entrance Examination to be conducted by University, except the following:

  1. Admissions to B.Tech. Programmes (except B.Tech. Food Tech.) shall be made by the University on the basis of merit of Joint Entrance Examination through the counseling carried out by Uttarakhand Technical University.

  2. Admissions to DBT supported Master’s programme (M.Sc. Agricultural Biotechnology) shall be made through online counseling from the list of qualified candidates received from DBT Regional Centre for Biotechnology, Faridabad, which is responsible for conducting Graduate Aptitude Test-Biotechnology (GAT-B) for admission to the above said programmes throughout the country.

  3. Admission to Ph.D. programmes in Agronomy and Plant Pathology for Other State candidates shall be made through ICAR entrance examination only. Candidates belonging to other states need not apply for Pantnagar entrance examination in the mentioned disciplines of Agronomy and Plant Pathology. Whereas, admissions to other Ph.D. programmes for Other State candidates are made through the university entrance examination as well as entrance examination conducted by ICAR for this purpose. In case, domicile candidates of Uttarakhand are not available for the sanctioned seats, the same shall be filled from amongst candidates of Other States and Vice-Versa.

  4. Admission to Masters’ programmes in MBA/MBA (Agribusiness) shall be made through CAT and CMAT score and Group Discussion and an Interview conducted by the University. The entire admission process for MBA/MBA (Agribusiness) will be conducted by College of Agribusiness Management (CABM) of the university.

  5. In M.Tech. programmes, admission shall be made first based on the GATE qualifying marks in the subject (Major) in which admission is sought. Vacant seats shall be filled based on OGPA/percentage (%) of marks of B.Tech. The candidate should have secured at least an OGPA of not less than 6.000/10.000 or 3.000/5.000 or 55% marks in aggregate in case of the Institutions/ Universities where these scales are not applicable in the Bachelor’s degree. However, admission towards seats for Other State candidates in M.Tech. Agricultural Engineering majors shall be made through Entrance Examination conducted by ICAR. In case, domicile candidates of Uttarakhand are not available for the sanctioned seats, the same shall be filled from amongst candidates of Other States.

  6. Admissions to MCA programme shall be made on the basis of separate Entrance Examination to be conducted by the University. In case, a candidate wants to appear for other Masters’ programmes in addition to MCA, he/she has to fill separate application form.

  7. Candidates other than Bonafide residents of Uttarakhand are not eligible to fill up application form for admission to the Undergraduate and Masters’ Degree programmes in the University. However, the wards of J& K Residents and wards of Kashmiri Migrants as well as Kashmiri Pandits residing in Kashmir valley may apply for admission to UG programmes only. Other State seats of UG (except B.V.Sc. & A.H.) and Masters’ programmes are filled up through the examination conducted by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). The list of candidates for filling up other state seats of B.V.Sc. & A.H. is provided by Veterinary Council of India (VCI). Other State candidates’ interested seeking admission for the said programmes may contact the concerned authorities through the websites of ICAR or VCI, as the case may be.

The University awards the following medals:

Chancellor’s Gold Medal:   Awarded to the all-round best graduating student of the University at the end of each academic year on the basis of the composite index for academic as well as co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Vice-Chancellor’s Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals:   Awarded in each UG degree programmes to those graduating students who secure First, Second and Third positions respectively on the basis of their OGPA (including Failure Points).

Dr. Ram Siromani Tewari Award:   Awarded to B.Sc. Agriculture Student.

Nagamma Shanta Bai Award:   Awarded to the B.Sc. Home Science graduate who secure higher marks in RAWE.

Sri Puran Anand Adlakha Gold Medal:   Awarded to M.Sc. Agriculture (Agronomy) student for Best Thesis.

Smt. Saraswati Panda Award:   Awarded to B.Sc. Home Science Student.

Dr. A N Mukhopadhyay Gold Medal:   Awarded to B.Sc. Ag. Student.

Dr. A N Mukhopadhyay Needy Student Fund:   Awarded to B.Sc. Ag. Meritorious Student.

Smt. Bimla Rani Memorial Award:   Awarded to UG Students.

Dr. Santosh Kumar Sharma Award:   Awarded to Ph.D. Student for Thesis Research in Mathematics

Dr. V.N. Mathur Award:  Awarded to M.Sc. Student for Thesis Research in Mathematics

Dr. K.C. Sharma Fellowship:   Awarded to 2nd year M.Sc. Ag. (Agronomy) Student having highest GPA in 1st year

Asian Agri History Foundation Research Award:   Awarded to Student for undertaking their research along the ancient practice of sustainable agriculture as part of M.Sc. Degree program

College Merit Certificates:   Awarded to the students of each college, separately, making a scholastic grade point average of 8.250 or above, but less than 8.500 out of 10.000 for year of award.

University Merit Certificates:   Awarded to the student of each college, separately, making a scholastic grade point average of 8.500 or above out of 10.000 for the year of award.

Besides above, a number of scholarships/fellowships offered by the University as also outside agencies are available to the meritorious students.

Scholarships & Fellowships

  • 4A Scholarships:   Click Here
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  • Aziz A. Siddiqui Scholarship for Meritorious UG Student in Agriculture
  • Starting of Dr. Y.V. Singh Award for Best Ph.D. Thesis in Vegetable Science from session 2021-22
  • डॉ संतोष कुमार शर्मा अवार्ड तथा डॉ विजय नारायण माथुर अवार्ड के दिशा निर्देशों (guidelines) में शैक्षिक वर्ष 2023 में परिवर्तन हेतु कार्यालय आदेश
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  • Notice regarding Asian Agri-History Foundation Research Fellowship 2022-23
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  • पी0एच0डी0 छात्रों के अध्येयतावृत्ति की स्वीकृति हेतु कार्यालय आदेश
  • Notice regarding submission of information about extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities for the award of Chancellor's Gold Medal 2022-23
  • स्नातक छात्र-छात्राओं के लिए योग्यता छात्रवृत्ति के भुगतान हेतु कार्यालय आदेश
  • पी0एच0डी0 छात्रों के अध्येयतावृत्ति की स्वीकृति हेतु कार्यालय आदेश
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  • Application for Dr. A.N. Mukhopadhyay Gold Medal/Award for the year 2022-23
  • मण्डी समिति छात्रवृत्ति केवल कृषि, मत्स्य संकाय के स्नातक एवं स्नातकोत्तर छात्रों के लिए आवेदन पत्र
  • Application Form and Notice regarding Mrs. UMA Gupta Fellowship    Last Date Extended
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  • The University offers following academic programmes

    Undergraduate Programmes (14)

    1. B.Sc. Agriculture
    2. B.Sc.Home Science
    3. B. V. Sc. & A.H.
    4. B.F.Sc.
    5. B.Sc. (Food Technology)
    6. B.Tech. Agril. Engg.
    7. B. Tech. Civil Engg.
    8. B. Tech. Computer Engg.
    9. B. Tech. Elect. Engg.
    10. B. Tech. Electronics & Communication Engg.
    11. B. Tech. Mech. Engg.
    12. B.Tech. Production Engg.
    13. B. Tech. Information Technology
    14. B.Tech. (Biotechnology)

    International School of Agriculture

    The school has been started w.e.f. I semester 2010. Under this, an International Diploma in Hi-Tech Agriculture is being offered to foreign nationals under self finance mode.

    Masters’ Programmes (68)

    Agriculture Majors
    • 1. Agricultural Economics
    • 2. Agrometeorology
    • 3. Agronomy
    • 4. Agroforestry
    • 5. Agricultural Extension & Communication
    • 6. Entomology
    • 7. Genetics & Plant Breeding
    • 8. Horticulture
    • 9. Horticulture (Floriculture and Landscaping)
    • 10. Plant Pathology
    • 11. Soil Science
    • 12. Vegetable Science
    • 13. Seed Science & Technology
    Science Majors
    • 1. Agril. Chemicals
    • 2. Agril. Statistics
    • 3. Biochemistry
    • 4. Biophysics
    • 5. Botany
    • 6. Chemistry
    • 7. Environmental Science
    • 8. Food Technology
    • 9. Mathematics
    • 10. Microbiology
    • 11. Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
    • 12. Plant Physiology
    • 13. Physics

    Engineering Majors
    • 1. Agril. Engg. (Farm Machinery & Power Engg.)
    • 2. Agril. Engg. (Food Biotech. Engg.)
    • 3. Agril. Engg. (Irrigation & Drainage Engg.)
    • 4. Agril. Engg. (Process & Food Engg.)
    • 5. Agril. Engg. (Soil & Water Conservation Engg.)
    • 6. Design & Production Engg.
    • 7. Electrical Energy System
    • 8. Electronics & Communication Engg.
    • 9. Hydraulic Engg.
    • 10. Structural Engg.
    • 11. Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg.
    • 12. Thermal Science

    Fisheries Science Majors
    • 1. Aquaculture
    • 2. Fishery Biology

    • 1. M.B.A. (Agribusines)
    • 2. M.B.A. (Food Retail and Supply Chain)
    • 3. M.B.A.

    • 1. Master of Computer Applications
    Veterinary Science Majors
    • 1. Vety. Anatomy
    • 2. Vety. Economics
    • 3. Vety. Gynaecology & Obstetrics
    • 4. Vety. Microbiology & Immunology
    • 5. Vety. Public Health
    • 6. Vety. Surgery & Radiology
    • 7. Vety. Biochemistry
    • 8. Vety. Medicine
    • 9. Vety. Parasitology
    • 10. Vety. Pathology
    • 11. Vety. Pharmacology & Toxicology
    • 12. Vety. Physiology
    • 13. Vety. Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine
    • 14. Vety. and Animal Husbandry Extension
    • 15. Livestock Products Technology
    • 16. Livestock Production & Management
    • 17. Poultry Science
    • 18. Animal Nutrition
    • 19. Genetics & Animal Breeding
    • 20 Animal Biotechnology

    Home Science Majors
    • 1. Clothing & Textiles
    • 2. Family Resource Management
    • 3. Foods & Nutrition
    • 4. Human Development & Family Studies

    Ph.D. Programmes (53)

    Agriculture Majors
    • 1. Agricultural Economics
    • 2. Agronomy
    • 3. Agrometeorology
    • 4. Agricultural Extension & Communication
    • 5. Entomology
    • 6. Genetics & Plant Breeding
    • 7. Horticulture
    • 8. Horticulture (Floriculture and Landscaping)
    • 9. Plant Pathology
    • 10. Seed Science & Technology
    • 11. Soil Science
    • 12. Vegetable Science
    Science Majors
    • 1. Agricultural Chemicals
    • 2. Biochemistry
    • 3. Botany
    • 4. Environmental Science
    • 5. Food Technology
    • 6. Mathematics
    • 7. Microbiology
    • 8. Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
    • 9. Physics
    • 10. Plant Physiology

    Engineering Majors
    • 1. Electrical Engg.
    • 2. Electronics & Communication Engg.
    • 3. Farm Machinery & Power Engg.
    • 4. Hydraulic Engg.
    • 5. Irrigation & Drainage Engg.
    • 6. Mechanical Engg.
    • 7. Process & Food Engg.
    • 8. Production Engineering
    • 9. Soil & Water Conservation Engg.
    • 10. Structural Engg.

    Home Science Majors
    • 1. Human Nutrition
    • 2. Clothing & Textiles
    • 3. Family Resource Management

    Management Major
    • 1. Management
    Veterinary Science Majors
    • 1. Vety. Public Health
    • 2. Vety. Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine
    • 3. Vety. Gynaecology & Obstetrics
    • 4. Livestock Prod. & Management
    • 5. Vety. Medicine
    • 6. Vety. Microbiology & Immunology
    • 7. Vety. Pathology
    • 8. Vety. Pharmacology & Toxicology
    • 9. Vety. Physiology
    • 10. Poultry Science
    • 11. Vety. Surgery & Radiology
    • 12. Vety. Biochemistry
    • 13. Genetics & Animal Breeding
    • 14. Animal Nutrition
    • 15. Vety. Anatomy
    • 16. Vety. Parasitology

    Fisheries Science Majors
    • 1. Fisheries Resource Management