गोविन्द बल्लभ पंत कृषि एवं प्रौद्योगिक विश्वविद्यालय
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Administrative Set-up of the University

Home/ Administration/ Administrative Setup
Hon'ble Governor of Uttarakhand
His Excellency
Dr. Krishan Kant Paul
Phone: 0135-2757400
Fax: 0135-2750014
Vice-Chancellor Dr. A. K. Misra Phone: 05944-233333,233500(O), 233621(R)
Fax: 05944-233500
E-mails: vc[at]gbpuat[dot]ac[dot]in, vcgbpuat[at]gmail[dot]com
Telegraphic Address: Pantvarsity, Pantnagar
Registrar Dr. A. P. Sharma Phone: (05944) 233640 (O)
Fax: (05944) 233640/233473
Intercom: 4379
E-mail: registrar[at]gbpuat[dot]ernet[dot]in,
Dean, College of Agriculture Dr. J. Kumar Phone:+91-5944-233632 (O)
Fax:+ 91-5944-233473, 233257
Intercom: 4450
E-mail: ag_dean[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
College of Agri-Business Management
Dr. J. P. Pandey Phone:+91-5944-233884 (O)
Fax:+91-5944-233533, 233473
Intercom: 4365
E-mail dean.cabm[at]gmail[dot]com
College of Basic Sciences & Humanities
Dr. A. K. Shukla Phone: +91-5944-233374 (O), 233635 (R), 9412919159 (M)
Intercom: 4491
E-mail: deancbsh[at]gbpuat[dot]ernet[dot]in,
Dean, College of Fisheries Dr. I. J. Singh Phone: +91-5944-233377 (O), 233371 (R), 7500241411 (M)
Mobile: +91-9412120811
Fax: +91-5944-233377, +91-5944-234406
E-mail: deanfishgbpuat[at]gmail[dot]com
Dean, College of Home Science Dr. Rita S. Raghuvanshi Phone:+91-5944-233637 (O), 233448 (R), 7500241406 (M)
Fax:+ 91-5944-233637
Intercom: 4360
Dean, College of Technology Dr. H. C. Sharma Phone:+91-5944-233338(O)
E-mail: deanct[at]gbpuat[dot]ernet[dot]in,
College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences
Dr. G. K. Singh Phone:+91-5944-233347 (O), 233416 (R), 7500241407 (M)
Intercom: 4402
E-mail: dean[dot]vaspgr[at]gmail[dot]com,
College of Post Graduate Studies
Dr. Devendra Kumar Phone:+91-5944-233326(O),235189(R), 7500241459(M)
Intercom: 4357
E-mail: deanpgs[at]gbpuat[dot]ac[dot]in,
Dean, Student Welfare Dr. S. P. Singh Telephone No. 05944-233536 (O)
Fax : 05944-233536
Intercom: 4377
E-mail: dsw[at]gbpuat[dot]ernet[dot]in
Additional Dean, Student Welfare Dr.(Mrs) Jyothi Prasad Telephone No. 9410119571
E-mail: jptce[at]gbpuat-tech[dot]ac[dot]in
Comptroller Ms. Krishna Raunkali Phone:+91-5944-233327 (O)
Intercom: 4321
E-mail: comptrollergbpu[at]gmail[dot]com
Director, Administration and Monitoring Sri R. D. Paliwal
Phone:+91-5944-233360 (O), 233099 (R), 7248066777 (M)
Intercom: 4355
Additional Chief Personnel Officer Dr. N.K. Sand Phone:+91-5944-233623 (O); 8449091122 (M)
Fax: 05944-233623
Intercom: 4346
Email: cpogbpuat[at]rediffmail[dot]com
Establishment Officer Dr. G. C. Joshi Phone:+91-5944-233495 (O), 7500241414 (M)
Intercom: 4342
Estate Officer Dr. H.L. Mandoria Phone: 9412120655 (M)
Director, Works and Plants Dr. S. S. Gupta Phone:+91-5944-233330 (O)
E-mail: ssgupta33741[at]yahoo[dot]com,
Director, Experiment Station Dr. S. N. Tiwari Phone : +91-5944-233363 (O), 233461 (R), 7500241418 (M)
Fax : +91-5944-233448
Intercom: 4315
E-mail: desgbpuat[at]gmail[dot]com,
Director, Extension Education Dr. Y. P. S. Dabas Tel : 05944 - 233336, 233811 (O), 233664, 233412 (R)
Fax : 05944-234671, 233473
Mob. : 9411159473, 7500241419, 7500241464
Intercom: 4305
E-mail : dee_gbpuat[at]rediffmail[dot]com
Director, Placement and Counselling Dr. R.S. Jadoun Phone : 05944-233642 (O), 9456470344 (M)
Fax : +91-5944-233473,
Intercom: 4385
E-mail: directortp[at]rediffmail[dot]com
Director, Communication Dr. Neelam Bharadwaj Phone: 05944-233579 (O), 233652 (R), 7500241416 (M)
Fax:+ 91-5944-233313/233473
Intercom: 4350
E-mail: directorcom_pantnagar[at]yahoo[dot]com
Officer In-charge Stores Purchase Dr. Virendra Singh Phone: +91-5944-234260
Fax: +91-5944-234816
Mob.: 7500241432
Director Legal Dr. Ashutosh Singh Phone: +91-5944-233472(O), 8475001605(M)
Fax: +91-5944-233473
Intercom: 4353
E-mail: directorlegal2013[at]
Assistant Director Legal Shri V. K. Singh
Coordinator Admission Dr. H. S. Chawla Phone:+91-5944-233407(O),
Intercom: 4302
Chief Executive Officer,
Intellectual Property Management Centre
Dr. J.P. Mishra Phone: +91-5944-233322(O), 9568090543 (M)
Fax: +91-5944-233473
Intercom: 4380
E-mail: jpmishra.jpm[at]
Chief Coordinator,
Alumni Almamater Advancement Association
Dr. Sunita T. Pandey Phone: 9412120735 (M)
E-mail: sunitatewari_8[at]
Officer Incharge, Transport Pool Dr. P.C. Gope Phone: 8475001130
Email: pcgope[at]rediffmail[dot]com
Transport Officer Shri. Yogendra Kumar Phone: 7055016144
Security Officer Dr. Arvind Singh Tomar Phones: +91-5944-233587(O), 8475007788 (M)
Intercom: 4320
Assistant Director (Labour Welfare) Dr. Arvind Singh Tomar Phone: 8192840111(M)
Assistant Director,
Administration & Monitoring
Shri Chetan Singh Negi Phone: 8475006111
E-mail: negi.chetan[at]gmail[dot]com
Coordinator, Technical Cell Dr. Manoj Kumar Phones: 05944-233663(O), 233774 (R), 7500241423 (M)
Intercom: 4334
Coordinator, Examinations and Tests Dr. N. S. Jadon Phone:+91-5944-235029 (O), 9411159879 (M)
Coordinator, Liberal Education Dr. Deepa Vinay Phone:+91-5944-234009 (O), 9412996707 (M)
Coordinator, NSS Dr. Ritu Singh Phone: 7500241554; 9412120734 (M)
E-mail: ritu.singh07[at]gmail[dot]com
Coordinator, RTI Cell Shri Chetan Singh negi Phones: + 91-5944-233544(O), 8475006111 (M)
Email: rticellgbpuat[at]gmail[dot]com
In-Charge, University Library Dr. Neena Singh Phone: + 91-5944-233557 (O)
Fax : + 91-5944-233473
Email: libraryhc[at]gmail[dot]com
Press Manager (University Press) Mr. Anil Kumar Phones: + 91-5944-233305(O), 233526 (R), 7500241557 (M)
In-Charge, University Website Dr. Rajeev Singh Phones: +919411159400 (M)
Email: rajeevpec[at]gmail[dot]com

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